From the creators of “Kyiv in three days”: Kadyrov promised that the Russian Federation will reach the borders of Poland (video)

Nazar Steporuk16:18, 12.02.23

The leader of the Chechen fighters expressed confidence in the future occupation of Odessa, Kharkov and the Ukrainian capital.

Ramzan Kadyrov made several loud statements during his new speech. He promised that the Russian Federation would capture Kyiv and reach the borders of Poland. And the supply of Western-style tanks to Ukraine allegedly means nothing.

The video with Kadyrov’s statement was published by the Grozny Inform propaganda outlet. The so-called leader of Chechnya said: “We will take Odessa, and Kharkov, and Kiev. We are slowly moving thanks to all the structures, divisions, nations, religions that have united today around the call of our president. Today we are showing indicators that the West has never even dreamed of , and NATO states, and the European Union. Let’s break through and reach Poland, which screams with might and main when they have no opportunities.”

Then Kadyrov spoke about the supply of Western-style tanks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He noted that Ukraine’s partners have tanks, armored personnel carriers and aircraft, but allegedly “there is no possibility” to use this equipment at the front. Kadyrov pointed out the work of the Russian air defense as the reason.

“And once again I want to say that the tanks that they allocate – yes, I will reassure people – it does not mean anything at all. They have tanks, and they have armored personnel carriers, and there are planes. But there is no way to use SVO on the territory because our air defense works quickly,” Kadyrov added. promised that Russia will reach Poland

Latest statements by Kadyrov

Earlier this week, a Chechen militant leader said that “the West will kneel and, as usual, European states will have to cooperate in all areas with the Russian Federation.”

At the same time, Kadyrov mentioned the “demilitarization” and “denazification” of Poland after the end of the war in Ukraine. He personally has such an intention, because “the fight against Satanism must continue throughout Europe and, first of all, on the territory of Poland.”

At the same time, journalists found out that Kadyrov spends a lot of time abroad , in particular, in the Maldives and Dubai. And he gave the main leadership positions in Chechnya to his relatives.

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