Evasive battle tactics

From the LinkedIn page of Jens Christian Jensen.

Feb 12

The Ukrainians are trading land for russian lives – Evasive Battle Tactics – one of the best ways to destroy a numerical larger enemy force.

Currently based on the reports from Ukraine the russians are gaining a little ground – but at a very very high cost. The Ukrainians are trading land for russian lives and equipment by inflicting heavy casualties to the russian occupiers. By doing this the Ukrainians achieve three very important points:

  • They kill/destroy a large number of russians and equipment, by getting them into well prepared kill zones
  • They take the momentum out of the new big russian offensive
  • They do preserve their own fighting force – most likely later we will see some very effective Ukrainian counter attacks

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Another post from Mr Jensen:

russia do not want peace – they want Ukraine! Five days ago the Ukrainian Government said that they have reports that russia is begging for negotiations and that they are reaching out to lots of different possible mediators and people who can help them….

For the pasts days we now see the result of this… many pro-russian politicians, bloggers, trolls and others all ask for a stop of delivery of weapons for Ukraine and negotiations now on all platforms including LinkedIn… one example is German politician Sarah Wagenknecht who have called for demonstrations the coming weekend, to stop weapons for Ukraine, and thereby helping russia continue their war on freedom and democracy. She also want NATO dissolved and that Germany make an alliance with russia….

At the same time russia has launched, what several experts describe as one last attempt to grab land before the next wave of military aid arrives in Ukraine, they know that when the Bradleys, the Marders, The CV90, AMX-10s, T-91 Polish tanks, the leopards, Challenger and ABRAMS tanks, and also hopefully soon longer range missiles and fighter jets… then the russian military will be forced back and russia knows this… we must ensure a faster and more numerous flow of weapons for Ukraine, they hold the Frontline Of Democracy.

Lets not forget that if russia wanted peace, they could stop invading…. but russia do not want peace, they want Ukraine.

Please reshare, so everyone knows what is happening….

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  1. Don’t worry about the stupid communist cunt, Sarah Wagenknecht. She is a nobody in kraut politics these days.

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