Captured “Wagnerites” spoke about the colossal losses of the Russian army

Artem Budrin19:37, 12.02.23

For a long time at the front, these “Wagnerites” only had one instinct.

Two former Wagner fighters spoke about the cruelty of Russian commanders towards their own soldiers.

For the  CNN edition  , the captive Russians recalled the heavy battles for Donbass, during which the invaders suffered large-scale losses.

He added that the wounded could not count on evacuation, because there was none.

“When you receive an order to load them, you don’t really think who is dead and who is wounded. We could not retreat without an order, because if we don’t follow the order, we will be killed. One person remained in position, he was very scared, it was him first assault. This was reported to the command, he was taken 50 meters from the base. He was digging his own grave, and then he was shot, “said one of the prisoners.

For a long time at the forefront of these “Wagnerites” only one instinct worked.

“Just to survive. I just had a desire to survive, no matter the cost. However, the alternative to go through the minefields to the Ukrainian artillery was just as deadly,” the Russian said.

Occupiers recruit convicts for war against Ukraine

In the summer of 2022, the leader of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin,  began personally making visits to prisons in order to recruit convicts to go to fight against Ukraine.

Recently, the media wrote that PMC “Wagner” began the second wave of recruitment of prisoners.

After the capture of Soledar in the Donetsk region, PMC “Wagner” lost its power, experts said.

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    • A normal Soviet would have learned from their mistakes but these orcs have been brainwashed to believe the Soviet system is the best and ignore the fact that their beloved system imploded. Like with Today’s Socialists, they believe THIS TIME it will work…………

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