British Intelligence reveals reasons for Russia’s heavy losses

12 FEBRUARY 2023

Russia has likely suffered its heaviest losses since the first week of its invasion of Ukraine over the past two weeks.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence, as European Pravda reports

Details: UK Intelligence points to the Ukrainian General Staff’s daily reports on Russian military casualties, noting that they cannot verify the Ukrainian methodology. They emphasise, however, that the trends illustrated by this data are likely accurate.

The mean average over the past seven days was 824 Russian casualties per day, which is four times higher than in June-July 2022. British Intelligence emphasises that Ukraine also continues to suffer from a high attrition rate.

UK Defence Intelligence believes that the increase in Russian casualties is likely due to a range of factors, including a lack of trained personnel, coordination, and resources across the front, as seen in Vuhledar and Bakhmut.

Earlier, British Intelligence expressed its assumptions as to why Wagner’s Group is halting recruitment of prison inmates.

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  1. The cockroaches have been assaulting Bakhmut, Soledar and other places for months and their attacks have become more desperate as they are seeking some sort of success in this war. It’s natural that their losses will far surpass any that Ukraine is suffering. In military point of view, and in the usual terms of 3:1 loss ratio, attacker vs. defender, Ukraine’s losses should be manageable. In a humane point of view, any losses for Ukraine are terrible, even one.
    At any rate, I hope that the higher death toll for the orcs will be kept where it is or increased.

    • Ukraine can’t afford to take heavy losses. Russia; being a totalitarian nazi state, can.
      I estimated before that the daily orc kill rate needs to be upped to 3000, without additional losses of defenders.
      That may well possible, but only with more combat troops, shitloads of long range missiles, many more HIMARS; calibrated for ATACMS, more modern artillery, more trained artillerymen and shitloads more ammo.
      Tanks will make a difference, depending on how many and how long it takes to get them operational.
      Furthermore, some Russian cities need to be made to suffer horribly, like Mariupol.

  2. Losses dropped in the warmer months because the nazis were busy sunbathing or didn’t have to move to keep warm.

    Rises in moskali killed possibly coincides with conscription.

    Also as OFP says, the nazi filth are becoming desperate for what they see as progress, the old doctrine of throwing more men into a battle, trying to overwhelm the enemy is so deeply ingrained into the soviet mind they don’t seem to be able to think otherwise.

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