BREAKING NEWS: Theft of the century: in the Russian Federation a TV report about the theft of a rural toilet (video)

Yuri Kobzar16:36, 12.02.23

The police had to be involved in the investigation of the theft. They could not prove the involvement of the Ukrainian DRG in the crime.

In Russia, the police are investigating the theft of a public toilet in a village in the Urals. Local “media” even devoted a whole television report to this egregious crime.

According to RIA Novy Den , 4 years ago, a significant event took place in the Novoukrainsky village of the Chesmensky district of the Chelyabinsk region – a cesspool was built next to the local feldsher-obstetric station with a wooden plank cabin above it. 

One frosty night, a local landmark, which cost the budget as much as 10 thousand rubles, was meanly stolen by someone. The head of the village turned to the police to find the criminal who deprived the village of the main center of civilization.

The case turned out to be so resonant that local journalists filmed a whole TV report about the abduction of the toilet cubicle

“Public toilet. The authorities put it up a few years ago, but on one of the January days the closet disappeared. Who deprived the villagers of the room for reflection and burned it in the oven instead of firewood, our journalist found out,” the Ural news anchor said in a serious tone at the beginning of the TV report.

An investigation conducted by a local district police officer led to the trail of an unemployed resident of the same village. The policeman claims that the man simply fired a cubicle of an outdoor public toilet and meanly heated his house with these boards for two whole days. 

It is known that by the time the district police officer arrived, all the boards had already been burned. The investigation considered the presence of an ax and wooden chips near the log for chopping firewood on the suspect’s farm as evidence. Now the man will be judged.

The story does not specify whether the FSB will check the suspect for links to Ukrainian intelligence, but local authorities have already said that they will not install a new toilet – “there is no risk.” toilet was stolen in the Urals

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  1. The village toilet was stolen………………………….Now one of the men of the village will be sent to Ukraine to steal a toilet as soldier……………

  2. I could collect used toilet paper here and send it to mafia land, if they enjoy such shitty things so much.

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