A monster that you cannot kill.

Robin Horsfall

From Robin’s LinkedIn page.

Feb 12, 2023

Ukrainian people learned how to hate under Hitler and under Stalin, their grandparents still remember what horrors humans can do.

There is no escape now Russia, – you have murdered Ukrainian women and children. What happens on the battlefield is of secondary importance, not because of your politics, not because of your army and not because of your invasion. Ukraine hates you because you have murdered their children!

You created a monster that you cannot kill, your creation is HATE! In a single year you have infected all the peoples of Ukraine and your infection is spreading. Ukrainians hate you, and they will not forget.

For the rest of your life, Russia, you will be exiled from humanity. You will hide your face, watch your back and keep your voice low. To be Russia in 2026 will be the same as being a Nazi in 1946. You will hide your name among decent people, your children will pretend that you are not theirs. They will be ashamed of what you did in Kherson, Bucha, Mariupol and Donbass.

You are dead Russia, you are cast out from humanity, there is no place left on earth for you, you have lost your soul and the world will not forget.

Go Home!

Slava Ukraini!

Who Dares Shares.


  1. When reading and listening to comments from non-Ukrainians, I also detect hate for mafia land. Any decent person is forced to hate this shithole. Evilness must be hated. Those who don’t hate mafia land and those who support this war are pathetic, rancid, stinking piles of excrement.

  2. Hatred is a feeling that can be both Godly and sinful depending on what it is that is causing us to hate. The Bible speaks of loving God and hating evil (Psalm 97:10) and hating the assembly of evildoers (Psalm 26:5) and hating falsehood (Psalm 119:116). The more we become like Christ and understand the love of God, the more we will hate hypocrisy, godlessness, and evil of the world. However, we are also warned over and over in the Bible of how hatred and bitterness can destroy us.

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