‘50% Of The Personnel, No More There’: AFU Capture Russian Marine In Basement Near Vuhledar

The invader told the details about the defeat of the elite 155th Brigade.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine captured a soldier of the 155th Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation near Vuhledar. He assures that the command sent them to the assault by deceit.

The “Don’t wait for me from Ukraine” media resource was the first to publish the footage of the 30-year-old occupier Nikolai Shevchenko. The video is available on the Ukraine 365 Telegram channel.

Shevchenko served on the Admiral Tributs warship of the Russian Navy before the aggressive attack. He assures that he forcibly joined the 155th Brigade right on the eve of its deployment to Ukraine. The occupier accuses the command of deceit.

“We were near Volnovakha for about a month. And then we’ve received an order to keep the road in the cottage area. This was the Vuhledar axis… We went there. The order changed in the course of our movement. We were told to go on the assault. Nobody was ready and we suffered losses – 50% of the personnel were killed, not to mention the wounded,” the Russian military said.

He assures that he and his comrades made their way into one of the basements during the assault operation. They were sitting for 5 days there. Ukrainian troops captured them during a counteroffensive.

It should be noted that the defeat of Russian troops near Vuhledar has been discussed for the last week not only by the Ukrainian media, but also by Russian propagandists. The exact number of losses of the Russian army is currently unknown, however, we are likely talking about hundreds of killed occupiers. The Russians lost more than 30 military vehicles there.


  1. So, first they get lied to by their leaders, sent into battle without preparations, get cut to pieces and then hide in a basement like rabbits. What an “army”!
    The cockroach general staff cannot and will not learn, folks. That’s a fact.

  2. The orcs have learned nothing in 12 months. They tried the same approach last February when trying to storm Kyiv. Once the Western weapons finally arrive, these massacres will become an everyday occurrence..

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