Video fact: Russian Occupier Fired A Round In The Backs Of His Comrades

Before that, a “gift” from the Armed Forces of Ukraine targeted the occupiers’ trenches


Ukrainian soldiers sent an “explosive gift” to the occupiers’ trenches. However, the surviving invader did not lose his head and fired a round in the backs of his comrades.

Ukrainian journalist Roman Bochkala published the epic video of the attack. According to him, the drone operators of the 30th Prince Ostrozhsky Brigade dropped a grenade into the trenches of the occupiers.

The footage shows that a grenade got straight into a trench with seven occupiers there. Some of them managed to escape, but at least three were less fortunate. A “gift” from the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “crushed” them.

However, the most interesting moment was at the end of the video. The occupier, who managed to survive, was in no hurry to help the wounded but began to shoot at the backs of his comrades, who began to run away from the trench. You can see this moment at 44 seconds of the video.

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