The expert explained why Russia dropped air bombs on Snake Island

Olga Robeyko11:10, 11.02.23

The Russians just need to show something, that they can do something, the expert says.

Military expert Alexander Kovalenko pointed to a sign that the occupiers are notably nervous about failures on the battlefield. By this he explained their bombardment of Serpent’s Island, on which there is no one.

“But for this, they risked the Su-24 troughs and inflicted a series of bombing attacks on Zmeiny on the night of 10 to 11,” Kovalenko wrote in his Telegram channel.

The expert also drew attention to a video that Russian propagandists are “dispersing” with an alleged strike by a surface drone on a bridge in Zatoka. This design is no longer suitable for use at all, he noted and recalled that the invaders had already dealt 8-9 blows to it.

“The Russians just need to show something that they can do something. No, not in a war zone. Not on a battlefield. But in a war against deserted islands and destroyed bridges. So what is this if not hysteria?” – summed up Kovalenko.

Russia bombed Serpent’s Island on the night of February 11

Earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Russia had bombed Zmeiny Island with two Su-24Ms, dropping 4 air bombs .

At the same time, Russian troops fired three Oniks anti-ship missiles from the coastal missile system from the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea, which hit the coastal zone.

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    • I love it. I hope and pray the idiots keep bombing unoccupied islands. Better then the alternative. I just hope the moron commanders stay where they are and keep throwing out moronic orders and having their command destroyed.

      • Even if the moron commanders get replaced, what will replace them? That’s right, other moron commanders.

    • Nazi Rabbits! More terrifying than Himars, Cesars, PzH200 etc…

      Perhaps they will train them to run behind the Bradleys and new tanks then jump over and go for the mobiks throats. Deadly!

      !#@% the F-16s.

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