Russia lost 103 vehicles in three days of offensive near Vuhledar and Avdiivka – Oryx

Marta Gichko23:48, 02/11/23

Among the losses were at least 36 battle tanks.

In just three days of the offensive near Ugledar and Avdiivka, the Russian invaders lost at least 103 units of military equipment . Among the losses were 36 battle tanks.

According to the Dutch OSINT project Oryx , we are talking about the losses of the invaders on February 8-10. An impressive amount of lost equipment testifies to the unsuccessful assaults of the invaders near these settlements.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Defense Forces during this time lost 20 pieces of equipment, including 2 tanks. The ratio of Russian and Ukrainian losses by the evening of February 10 was about 5:1, the total ratio of losses – 9189 and 2941, or 3.12:1.

Analysts generated a loss report based on the vehicles and equipment confirmed in the photo or video. Obviously, the real number of “minus” enemy equipment is higher.

Losses of invaders in Ukraine

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on the morning of February 10,  the total combat losses of the occupying troops of the Russian Federation  since the beginning of the full-scale invasion amounted to about 135.7 thousand people. The aggressor also lost 3258 tanks, 2251 artillery systems, 6471 armored combat vehicles, about 600 aircraft and helicopters.

According to British intelligence, in recent weeks, the Russian  invaders have suffered especially heavy losses  in the area of ​​Bakhmut and Vugledar. However, they had little success.

Military-political observer Alexander Kovalenko stated that as of February 10, 2023,  Russia had lost almost all of its tanks , which were involved in the February 24 invasion. Now the enemy is fighting with what they managed to pick up from the warehouses and send to the front.

According to the Pentagon, in the war against Ukraine, Russia lost about half of its tanks , as a result of which the technical capabilities of the aggressor country have deteriorated significantly.

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