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Feb 10

The Prime Minister of Moldova, Natalia Gavriliță, has just announced she is resigning, and it looks like the entire government in Moldova will also resign.

“Moldova is expected with open arms inside the EU, Moldova has friends, but if the Government had had the same support at home, we would have progressed more and faster,” Gavrilita told reporters in Chisinau.

A new government will be nominated by Moldocan President, Maia Sandu, and then needs to be approved by Moldova’s Parliament, where the Kremlin has some influence through Kremlin friendly Parliamentarians.

We don’t like the sound of this. The Kremlin and its proxies in Moldova have been trying to bring down the pro-Ukrainian pro-European and pro-Western Moldovan Government led by their President Maia Sandu over the last year.



  1. Peter Todd comments:

    “A different take on that story
    “The President of Moldova, Sandu, dismissed the government after the information transmitted from Ukraine about the plans of the Russian Federation to destabilize the situation in the country” – Moldovan media.”

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