Any peace deal must ensure Ukraine’s territorial integrity – draft UNGA resolution

11.02.2023 16:39

Ukraine and its partner states in the United Nations are proposing that the UN General Assembly adopt a resolution that would emphasize the need to restore peace that ensures the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

This is stated in the draft resolution circulated among UN member states, entitled ” Principles underlying a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine,” seen by The Associated Press, Ukrinform reports.

The proposed resolution is more broadly worded and less detailed than President Volodymyr Zelensky’s 10-point peace formula, but this has been done deliberately to gain maximum support during the vote.

The spokesperson for the General Assembly, Paulina Kubiak, reported on Friday that the UNGA session on Ukraine will begin on February 22. The speeches will continue throughout the next day before a vote will be held on the final resolution, the draft of which has been sent to all UN member states, except for Russia and Belarus.

The draft emphasizes the need to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine as soon as possible in line with the principles of the UN Charter, according to which all UN member states in their international relations must refrain from the threat of force or its use against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state and must resolve all disputes peacefully.

The project contains a call to UN member states and international organizations to redouble their support for diplomatic efforts to achieve peace in Ukraine under these conditions.

The resolution draft reiterates the UNGA’s previous demand for Russia to immediately and completely withdraw all troops beyond the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine and once again confirms that no territory obtained through the threat or use of force will be considered legitimate.

The draft also requires that all prisoners of war, detainees and deportees be treated in accordance with the Geneva Conventions, and calls for a full POW exchange, release of all illegally detained persons, and return of forcibly displaced persons, including children.

The draft calls on all countries to cooperate in a spirit of solidarity to overcome the global impact of the war on food security, energy, finance, environment, and nuclear safety.

The draft deplores the dire human rights and humanitarian consequences of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, including continued attacks on critical infrastructure, and calls for international humanitarian law on the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure to be respected.

As reported earlier, the General Assembly has become the most important UN body that supports Ukraine because the Security Council, which is expected to take measures to preserve international peace and security, has been paralyzed due to Russia’s constant exploitation of their right of veto. Unlike the Security Council, the Assembly has no veto right in place, while its resolutions are not legally binding.



  1. Complete waste of time, money and effort. UN needs to be wiped out and if necessary a new org with a definitive charter that can actually accomplish something instead of a bunch of ass wipes blowing hot air (although I have my doubts of the possibility of such an organization to be effective).

    • You’re right, sir Cap. As long as mankind has assholes like Putler, who choose what rules and laws they want to follow, no such organization will ever work.

    • If there are no penalties written into the law they might as well forget about it and save their time and insults. My God how long does it take for politicians to understand the Putin regime does not care about laws, rules or treaties. To him following laws and rules are just signs of weakness. Since when did a mafia don say, “We can’t do that because its against the law”?

  2. One must not say it, but force it. Otherwise Ukraine will do whatever helps stop this war in the long run. I always hear demands, but they lack adequate military support.

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