“We have enough power”: Lukashenko spoke about the “advantages of dictatorship” in Belarus

Marta Gichko17:28, 10.02.23

In his opinion, the market economy of the Republic of Belarus has become “loose”, but the dictatorship can “bridle” it.

The unrecognized President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that it is necessary to curb prices in the country, “using the advantages of the dictatorship.” In his opinion, the market economy of the Republic of Belarus has become “loose”.

According to the “Pool of the First”, Lukashenka openly recognized the dictatorship in Belarus on February 10 at a meeting on pricing issues. 

“This is the hardest job after years of promiscuity, market promiscuity. I understand that it is very difficult to curb prices when millions of people are interested in price promiscuity. But we have enough power. The advantages of our power, dictatorship, this is what we should use,” Lukashenka said.

In addition, the Belarusian dictator warned “advanced economists” against the “crazy idea” that democracy and the free market will “save the world.” According to him, the market economy allegedly does not work. He explained this by the example of sanctions against Russia.

“If the market is regulated by supply and demand, then why is there a price ceiling for Russia’s main commodity? I mean oil and oil products. Why did the West and the United States begin to regulate prices? Market economy. We must live by our own mind … we see an unreasonable increase in prices from nowhere… my demand remains unchanged. They have no democracy and not a single free market,” the dictator said.

Dictatorship in Belarus

This is not the first time Lukashenka has spoken openly about dictatorship in Belarus. In particular, in April 2022, Putin’s closest associate said that without a dictatorship in the country, Belarusians “would go naked.”

“Thank God that we have a dictatorship. You all criticized me: dictatorship, dictatorship. But there is order under this dictatorship. If there were no dictatorship, we would go naked,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lukashenko does not stop playing along with Putin’s dictatorial regime. According to  the State Border Guard Service , there are about 11,000 Russian military on the territory of Belarus , but their number changes periodically. According to the head of the State Border Guard Service, the border guards do not record an increase in the groupings of Russian and Belarusian troops near the Ukrainian border. 

In addition, in the airspace of Belarus, Russian invaders  are collecting data  on the air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to inflict new strikes on Ukraine.

At the same time, Ukrainian intelligence believes that now there is no threat of an open invasion from Belarus into the territory of Ukraine. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko leads Russian leader Vladimir Putin by the nose.

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