The Netherlands completely abandoned Russian energy sources

Artem Budrin17:50, 02/10/23

Amsterdam even got rid of imports of gas, which was not included in the requirements of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

The Netherlands became completely independent of Russian coal , oil products and gas. This was stated by the country’s climate and energy minister Rob Etten for NOS .

By abandoning crude oil, diesel, kerosene and coal, Amsterdam is fulfilling the sanctions against Russia that the EU countries and partners imposed against the aggressor after the start of a full-scale invasion. But natural gas is not included in the list of sanctions, but the Dutch Cabinet of Ministers sought to gain complete independence from Moscow.

Liquefied gas delivered by ships was chosen as an alternative to natural gas. For its supply, a floating installation was recently built in Emshafen (near the border with Germany). True, part of the LNG is of Russian origin.

Jetten added that Dutch gas storage facilities are relatively full:

“This means that the task for next winter is less tough, because we will have to refuel less. But we will have to prepare for a period of several years when gas is relatively more expensive than we are used to,” the official said.

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