Prigozhin said that the Russian Federation will “honestly give” the Ukrainians France, Italy and Bulgaria (video)

The terrorist dreams that the invaders will be able to reach the English Channel.

The leader of the PMC “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin shocked with unprecedented “generosity” and said that Russia would occupy Europe and share it with the Ukrainians. According to him, France, Bulgaria and Italy should be given to Ukraine “humanely”.

In an interview with Russian propagandist Semyon Pegov, Prigozhin said that Russia should “share” with the Ukrainians.

“We must humanly close everything from 41 to 45. No Turkeys, no Frances, no relaxation. We all put on normal working suits and go to work like Papa Carlo. We work in a normal way, and then we can ask a question : “Where is our English Channel?”. And 100%, it seems to me, no one will be against giving France, Italy, Bulgaria and something else to the Ukrainians. We must honestly share with them, because they will suffer with us here still, mom, don’t worry,” Prigogine said. said that France, Italy and Bulgaria should be given to the Ukrainians

Prigogine’s dreams

Recall that Prigozhin, whose mercenaries have been unable to capture Bakhmut in the Donetsk region for months now, dreamed of capturing Ukraine “to the Dnieper.” Moreover, he has a “plan” for how the Russian invaders can reach the English Channel.

At the same time, “Wagner” actually has no success on the battlefield. Several months of assaults on Bakhmut were unsuccessful. The outskirts of the city are covered with the corpses of mercenaries. At the same time, Prigozhin’s prisoners were able to capture neighboring Soledar, but foreign intelligence considered the losses unjustified.

After the loss of most of the militants, the Wagner Group was  on the verge of survival . At the same time, Prigozhin had problems recruiting new prisoners, which forced him  to announce the end of the recruitment of “volunteers”  in Russian prisons.

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  1. The Russian business model is clearly built on cooperation and mutual benefit amongst rampaging murderers.

    Let’s see if Macron will give security guarantees to those who will divide French resources up in exchange for a settlement that saves French lives.

  2. Hey Nazi, Ukraine doesn’t want your territory, Ukraine just wants Ukraine. Nothing has changed in 1,000 years on the Ukrainian side. Who did Ukraine ever invade? On the other hand when was Moskovia ever NOT invading someone? This guy is begging for a bullet.

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