One night in Bakhmut: Civilians wait for the end as Russia draws closer


  1. If the defenders are forced to give up Bakhmut, it will symbolize the catastrophic failure of the entire civilized world to help Ukraine in the comprehensive and decisive way that has been needed since day one. More particularly, it will be a massive failure for the Budapest signatories, who have so far continued to renege on their obligations to Ukraine.
    There may still be time to turn this round. The defenders are currently outgunned and outnumbered. Give them ATACMS, modern long range artillery, loads of ammo and Storm Shadow.
    Are the Bradleys there yet?

    • Andrew was just one of many beautiful people who wanted only to help their fellow human beings, put themselves in mortal danger as a result and paid the ultimate price.
      No forgiveness for RuZZia. Not for 1000 years.

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