Most countries have written off Putin, it reminds me of the end of Hitler – Zelensky

Katerina Chernovol03:14, 10.02.23

Zelensky expressed the opinion that Putin is behaving like the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler during World War II.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Ukrainians will not forgive Russian dictator Vladimir Putin . In addition, most countries have already written him off and the leadership of the Russian Federation.

In an interview with  SPIEGEL  , Zelensky expressed the opinion that Putin is behaving like the head of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, during World War II.

“Ukrainians will not forgive Putin. And most countries of the world have long written off the current Russian leadership. It reminds me of the end of Hitler: when he lost the world war, he still continued to bomb London. He did it, although he was not stupid. You they just have to understand: there is a huge gulf between us, both political and historical. This is a matter of worldview. And the result of his worldview is destroyed territories, disregard for international law, human rights, disregard for all living things,” the president explained

The Russian leader is unstoppable, he said, “because Putin is a dragon who needs to eat to satisfy his appetite, you give him one country after another, or at least parts of them.” He noted that in the modern world, neither borders nor oceans will stop the Russians.

The President recalled how, after the invasion of the Russian Federation, he talked daily with European colleagues and urged him to call Putin and stop him.

“I warned: give us a lot of weapons. I also called for the use of weapons and sanctions as a preventive measure. If everyone knew that Putin was going to invade our country, why didn’t they impose sanctions? It’s just ridiculous when you all speak publicly in our protection and yet want to circumvent sanctions or hold back weapons.I see this as a dirty policy: you know that Russia historically loses this war, but you still refuse to help Ukraine in case – with a probability of 1% – Russia still- will win, because then you can say to Putin: “Do you remember? I slowed down a little then!”. And this is exactly what I don’t like in politics: to talk about values, and then devalue them with my actions,” he said.

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