‘Destroyed Several Hundred Occupiers’: Belarusian Fighter Speaks About Defeating Russians Near Vuhledar

Aliaksandr Malchanau has participated in the already famous battle.


During the fighting for Vuhledar, the occupiers threw marines from the 155th Brigade of the Pacific Fleet into battle against the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Russian military command decided to throw dozens of tanks, BMPs and APCs into the battle in order to achieve their goal. The Ukrainian armed forces were destroying the enemy’s armoured vehicles by entire columns.

Belarusian fighter Aliaksandr Malchanau took part in the battle for Vuhledar. The volunteer was wounded.

“On February 6, around 10 o’clock, tanks and BMPs moved to our positions from different directions.

Infantry dismounted from the BMPs and tried to approach the positions. Artillery and anti-tank weapons destroyed all the enemy’s equipment. Using small arms, automatic grenade launchers and large-calibre machine guns we destroyed several hundred infantrymen. By 2 p.m. the remnants of the enemy forces started to retreat,” Aliaksandr Malchanau told Charter97.org.

“I was wounded by a bursting tank shell when I was setting up an anti-tank complex,” the Belarusian AFU soldier added.


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