Prigozhin says 10 million Americans have applied to the Wagner Group

Yuri Kobzar 18:13, 09.02.23

The oligarch assures that this is why he decided to stop recruiting Russian prisoners.

Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin said more than 10 million US citizens have applied to join the Wagner Group. Allegedly, this was the reason for stopping the recruitment of Russian prisoners. This is reported by the telegram channel controlled by the oligarch “Prigozhin’s Cap” . 

According to him, the Wagner Group had previously released an advertisement targeted at the American audience. After that, the group allegedly received more than 10 million applications from US citizens who want to “fight against NATO.”

“At the moment, we are considering about a million American citizens for employment. Therefore, we have temporarily suspended the recruitment of volunteers from Russian prisons, however, if there is a corresponding request from the US State Department, we will recruit from American ones,” Prigozhin said.

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  1. That’s the most laughably STUPID lie I’ve ever heard of in anything I’ve heard from Russia!! LMAO 🤣

    Absolutely NOBODY here in America, to my knowledge, has even said ANYTHING about traveling to Russia, let alone working for their scummy mercenaries!!!! Lol 😂

    • many tell me to go fight for Ukraine. Were I 30, I would consider it, but I’m a 68 yo arthritic from accidents in my youth. I do encourage those telling me to go to Ukraine that Wagner is recruiting and would be glad to have you pro-Putin fellows help out. Most change the subject quickly.

  2. He might well get some : a hundred maybe? They will come from brain dead criminal types of the far left and far right who see opportunities for raping and thieving.
    The equivalent of Prigozhin managed to recruit some foul communist scum from the US back in 2014. There was one ex-US army asshole calling himself “Tex”; some of you may remember. Hopefully he’s burning with Lenin by now.
    Two can play at that game : EU countries should fund battalions of mercs to act as auxiliaries for the defenders.
    All is fair in war; all that matters is to win and against hordes of nazi savages you can’t afford to be choosy.
    Mercs could be culled from ex-Soviet countries and ethnic minorities from within putlerstan.

  3. It’s possible:

    1) Steven Seagal signed up 10,000 extras for a movie shoot in Europe and they know nothing about what they really would be doing

    2) there are more dark elves, sadistic fairies and twisted unicorns in America that previously thought

    3) US Republicans secretly signed up Democrats and US Democrats secretly signed up Republicans

    4) US tax returns have just gotten too complicated and people want a way out

    5) some Pink Floyd fans used way, way, WAY too many drugs and completely lost their minds

  4. Only ten? Why not 100,000,000? Yes, it’s the American dream; go to a shithole and get slaughtered for the world’s largest mafia.

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