Denys Davydov Feb 9, 2023


  1. UK army is training 20,000 Ukr soldiers/yr. That needs to increase even more.
    Putlerstan must not be allowed to thieve any more land. Bakhmut must hold. Therefore long range munitions are CRUCIAL.
    Denys does not think the old Leopard 1’s are up to the job. He thinks that France might soon send Leclerc tanks…..

    • It is true that the Leopard 1 is not up-to-date anymore. But, I wouldn’t call it useless, as Denys did in the video. I think that it could be used along the lines of the French AMX. It’s also lightly armored and both cannot be used as frontline main battle tanks. The L1 could be used in a supporting role and against field fortifications, lighter armored vehicles and yes, against mafia MBT if the situation allows it. The L1 does have a decent cannon, good sights and is very fast and maneuverable. The Ukrainians will use it expertly, I’m sure, as they do everything else they have.

  2. As usual, Denys attracts lots of comments; most of them good. But there was one that seems to epitomize the malignant, wormy brains of putinazis. Repulsive reading but it just demonstrates that putlerism must be extirpated:

    ♠️ Манька Облигация

    “I am a Ukrainian girl living in Mariupol. When civilians were being killed en masse in Donbas and Odessa for eight years, “the whole civilized world” was silent. And now, when the Russians began to destroy these murderers, “the whole civilized world” was outraged and began to help the murderers with weapons, money and mercenaries. And “the whole civilized world” is extremely outraged that Crimea escaped from the murderers to Russia, this “civilized world” would very much like Crimea to belong to the murderers and that civilians were killed there as well as in the Donbas. Now the militants of the Bandera junta are firing at residential quarters of cities liberated by the Russian army in Ukraine with Western weapons, Zelensky has been tasked by his Western curators to kill as many Ukrainians as possible, the Russian army needs to hurry with the liberation of Ukraine in order to save as many lives of Ukrainians as possible, but the task is complicated by the fact that the terrorists of the Bandera junta are hiding behind the civilian population, this complicates Russian soldiers the task of liberating the people of Ukraine from the Satanists and neo-Nazis of the Bandera junta, and only because of this liberation is so slow. If the junta terrorists were not hiding behind the civilian population, the Russians would have simply burned these bastards with the “Sunshine” systems and quickly liberated my Ukraine, but they have to act very carefully and carefully to save the lives of Ukrainians whom they are liberating from the terrorists of the Bandera neo-Nazi junta.
    Freedom to Ukraine! Death to the Fascist occupiers! Glory to the Russian soldier liberator!”

    Utterly vile; a true Orwellian nightmare.

    • The second sentence suffices more than enough to expose this creature as a ruskie troll. A bad one, I might add. I’ve seen many others with lots more skill.

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