Armed Forces of Ukraine mixed with the ground the Russian Mi-24 with the personnel of the invaders: epic footage

Yana Stavskaya22:20, 09.02.23

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia has already lost 135,010 invaders in battles with the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Fighters of the 14th OMB named after Prince Roman the Great destroyed a Russian Mi-24 helicopter during the fighting at the front.

On the footage, the military showed precise training on the enemy “bird”. The brigade says that inside the Mi-24, in addition to its crew, there was also a military leadership.

“Princely artillery beats jeweler: our Princely dragon-gods of war mixed with the ground an enemy helicopter with personnel in it (we suspect some kind of military authorities, because the privates in helicopters, you see, do not fly). This will be the case with every occupier on our Ukrainian land,” the brigade said in a statement.

Losses of Russia – up-to-date data on destroyed enemy equipment

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia has already lost 135,010 “meat” in battles with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and only during February 8  another 910 Russian invaders went to “hell” .

Among the destroyed equipment of the enemy – another 10 armored combat vehicles of the invaders, 8 artillery systems, 2 MLRS, 4 air defense installations, 6 UAVs and 9 vehicles and fuel tanks.

In addition, the Russian army lost 295 aircraft, 285 helicopters, 18 ships and boats, 211 units of special equipment for almost a year of a big war. of the Russian Mi-24

The day before, artillerymen showed  unique footage  of an attack on the command post of the Russians – the APU forced the invaders to literally run away, leaving the wounded on stolen motorcycles.

And the 72nd Brigade named after Cherny Zaporozhtsev showed amusing footage of an attack on enemy tanks. One occupier, who just a few seconds before the next strike ran out of his tank, was “so-so” lucky. He  fried lightly .

The elimination of the  Russian karate champion in the war in Ukraine has been confirmed .

Also, Ukrainian soldiers “closed”  a serial killer ,  a Russian “terminator”, a  hero  of Russian “fairy tales”,  fighting  priests who blessed the enemy to kill Ukrainians.

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