“We laughed at the Ukrainians, and now we are in a death trap”: Russian invaders staged a demarche


The Kremlin’s attempts to present the war against Ukraine as a kind of “victorious campaign” failed miserably – and the efforts of a pack of propagandists did not help either. The mobilized Russians are already openly talking about the fact that the Russian army has turned into a conveyor for sending to the next world – and even ideological supporters of the destruction of our country.

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Until the last soldier

Once in the war zone on the territory of Ukraine, Russian military personnel are quickly disillusioned. This was most fully felt by the mobilized, who only yesterday lived a rather ordinary life. And if some close up and take everything “for granted” from the horrors of the war they have seen, then others are still trying to somehow fight. Just to survive.

Demarches by Russian military personnel have become more frequent after the escalation in the war zone in the Donbass, where fierce fighting is taking place today. One of the latter was arranged by those mobilized from Tatarstan (1231st regiment).

According to the newly minted occupiers, the command handed them over to the “army of the DNR”, which uses them “as consumables.” The new “leadership” immediately took away all the equipment and essentials from them, and recently sent them to storm – and without the slightest preparation, medicines and with four stores. There, the mobilized were under heavy fire, but “no one tried to help” them.

“Two battalions have already been put there, and they cannot be reached from there. We are already the fourth replenishment that has arrived here, and no one has returned from there yet – either the 200s or the 300s. We saw the mass graves that lie there. does not pick up, they lie for six months. Their (command. – Ed.) motto is – we fight to the last soldier, and then they will send new ones, “the mobilized said.

mobilization in Russia

Their relatives have already applied to various authorities, but they dismissed it: they said that “the DPR is not Russia, but a separate division.” The occupiers also stated that they do not refuse to serve, but the commanders give them only “criminal orders”, which they are not going to obey.

Stormtroopers for the week

Those mobilized from the Irkutsk region also panicked: they even wrote down an appeal to Putin and Shoigu demanding that they prevent new losses.

Servicemen from the 1479th regiment reported that recently the command sent them to the “military unit of the DPR”, where an assault detachment was formed from the newcomers. Moreover, earlier the “mobiles” were promised that they would serve in the defense, protect strategic facilities and bridges, but they “truly deceived”. Most of those sent to the war have “chronic diseases, overweight and other limitations.”

The occupiers are crying that in a week the new unit will definitely not make attack aircraft out of them, and they talk about heavy losses: “There are already unjustified combat losses among our military. We have no right to repeat them.”

battles for Bakhmut

Beaten up and opened fire

Compatriots of the Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu from Tuva even announced bullying : however, not from Ukrainians, but from their own. Such a warm welcome was given to the mobilized Russians by the “DPR”.

According to them, the newly arrived “defenders of the fatherland” were repeatedly beaten and “even shot” at them – they recorded one of these episodes on video. In response to their claims, the mobilized heard that they were actually cannon fodder, so they did not waste time on them, did not prepare them before being sent to the front.

“Here, in the ‘DPR’, we don’t have command. It turned out that we don’t belong to any military unit. We are not refuseniks. we won’t get out of here alive. The military police came and beat us,” the invaders complained.

“The situation has reached such a resonance that the head of Tuva, Vladislav Khovalyg, sent his representatives to the DPR, and the Vice Speaker of the State Duma and the former head of Tuva, Sholban Kara-ool, interrupted his business trip in Siberia and flew out to clarify the circumstances,” Russian media write. But to expect that the situation will change is at least naive.

death conveyor

Everyone knew that the mobilized became consumables, but they preferred “not to notice.” However, now the newly minted occupiers are talking about it themselves.

“We laughed at the Ukrainians when they told us that their military was incapable of anything, and now we are in a death trap. Our army has become a death conveyor,” Russian mobilized say.

Russian losses

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine , since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Russian army has already lost 134,100 personnel. But, as we see, the Kremlin dictator does not care at all: there is still enough cannon fodder in the vastness of Russia.


  1. Indeed, the war is a conveyor of death for the cockroaches. Over 130,000 have already been silenced forever. No more laughter from them. No more laughter for the others too, who must endure days, weeks and, if they’re lucky, months in filthy, cold, and wet trenches, hungry, and with hungry rats and dogs, waiting to eat their flesh once the inevitable day comes that sends them to hell for their munchkin leader. Sieg Heil, Führer Vlad Putler…

  2. This sounds so incredibly fictitious. Why on God’s green earth would any human undergo such a disaster. Fuckin animals even know when to get the he’ll out of harms way.

    • They believe the propaganda. They believe the Kremlin promises. They think they will be heroes. They think they will make good money and buy a house when they return. Their wives want them to kill Ukrainians so they can brag to their friends. And last but not least, their Mamas want the free firewood or sheep carapace….

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