Russian VIP propagandist Simonyan advises young russians not to live to old age, but to die in Ukraine 20-30 years earlier

VIP propagandist Margarita Simonyan advises russians not to live to old age, but to die in Ukraine 20-30 years earlier. She told this on the air of one of the Zombie shows on russian television.

“Death is inevitable, death awaits us all, and it’s not at all a fact that it’s better to die a weak person from some long, terrible illness than like this, for some right and important deed”, – she reassured the russians who massively die in the war against Ukraine.

“If death could be avoided, well, of course, it would be a shame to die. But there is no chance of avoiding death. The difference in 10, 20 or 30 years is, in principle, small. From the point of view of the Universe, it’s generally small and not at all a fact from which it’s better to die”, – she convinces young russians.

Sitting in a cozy studio, she made it clear that she was also ready to die for russia, but, if possible, she would still live.

“Thank God, I have already given birth to three children, I have achieved something that I wanted in life, if the Lord will give me to fight and defend my country, I will be grateful”, – the propagandist hypocritically stated

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  1. These are really sick fuckin animals. Who would want their children to die. Patton was right…let the dumb bastards on the other side die for their country. We will live and grow the future of our beloved Ukraine.

  2. From the point of the view of the Universe, Russia will end soon so do something good for the Earth and let Russia die!

    Same logic as that zombie and since the Earth is more important than Russia, my argument wins.

  3. Mafia land is a rotting corps. Nuke the place already and free up the world of these fucking zombies.

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