Miners who worked for “DNR” cannot receive miner’s pension because they were not credited with preferential service

The miners who worked for the “DNR” cannot receive a miner’s pension because they were not credited with preferential service. So-called chairman of the trade union of coal industry workers in the occupied city of Kirovske Marina Kashurnikova told this in a comment to one of the separatist Telegram channels.

According to her, many “DNR” miners cannot apply for a miner’s pension due to the fact that the last two years of work are not included in their preferential service.

This information was confirmed by self-proclaimed “deputy” of the fake “People’s Council of the DNR” Alexey Zhigulin. He acknowledged that “the survey of receiving pensions is one of the most painful for the DNR citizens. Especially when it comes to preferential pensions for miners, metallurgists and people of other “hot” professions”.

Zhigulin told that it turned out that that the so-called “state” refuses residents of the occupied Donbas who have worked all their lives in heavy industry to receive preferential pensions for one reason or another.

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  1. The pensions of mine-workers of the DPR are stolen. On the bright side they can work after their ‘pension’ or become a soldier of the ‘DPR’. From their point of view.

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