Live stream on YouTube: Zelenskyy addressing UK parliament:

Huge ovation from the members ;


  1. Rishi is expected shortly to announce that the RAF will train Ukr pilots. :-

    “The pledge to offer training to Ukrainian pilots in “NATO-standard fighter jets” enhances the possibility Western fighter jets could one day be donated to Kyiv’s armed forces.”

    Also :

    “Mr Sunak will also offer Ukraine weapons with “longer-range capabilities” which are seen as vital in enabling Ukraine’s armed forces to hit Russia far behind enemy lines.

    The “long-range capabilities” mentioned in the statement could refer to the Storm Shadow cruise missile.
    Launched from warplanes, the Storm Shadow is designed to be hard to spot on radar, making it very hard to shoot down. It also carries a 450kg warhead – twice the size of the warhead on a US ATACMS ballistic missile.

    Storm Shadow has a range of approximately 360 miles and its intended targets include command posts, ammunition depots, and bridges.”

    • Excellent. I listened to PRESIDENT(all caps) Zelensky. If anyone has any doubts that he embodies the qualities of a world leader must be cockroaches or krauts. He’s the right person at the right time.

      • I was lucky enough to watch the entire historic spectacle, from the Speaker of The House of Commons through Zel to the leader of The House of Lords.
        Zel was moving, brilliant and showed once again that he is a great statesman in the Churchill class.
        There is no doubt in my mind that he will get the Storm Shadows and likely pretty soon Typhoons.
        King Charlie is a fan too and I’m sure he will lobby hard for Ukraine.

        • This all sounds quite positive! I hope that the UK can get the ice cream licker and the kraut muncher to follow suit.

  2. Reading the pilot’s helmet. President Zelenskyy “We have freedom, give us wings to protect it.”

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