Wagner PMC Militants Kill Their Commander Near Bakhmut

An AFU drone shot the massacre on video


Another proof of the “deeds” of the new “heroes” of the Russian Federation – mercenaries of the Wagner PMC appeared on the web. The military company of Evgeny Prigozhin has never really taken people into account, but the inhumanity with which former prisoners slaughter their own fellow soldiers is striking.

The Wagner fighters killed their commander with an axe after he was wounded, the Search for Your Own TG-channel reports.

The incident took place on the outskirts of Bakhmut, Donetsk Region, as the militants were trying to advance.

The footage is published by the Ukraine 365 TG channel.

After the commander was wounded, his comrades-in-arms took him behind a barn and brutally massacred him. The killing was shot by an AFU drone.

Wagner PMC mercenaries have been storming Bakhmut for several months, not caring about losses. The Ukrainian military say that the occupiers are not only leaving the bodies of their dead colleagues on the battlefield, but also failing to evacuate their wounded. In addition, they go into battle without food supplies, knowing what fate awaits them.

We also know of several cases of execution for “offences”. One prisoner was killed with a sledgehammer for surrendering to the AFU. A video was published on a Wagner-affiliated TG channel.


  1. This is not an army that Ukraine is fighting against. It is a heavily armed crime gang. They are brutal in every way to each other, and this throughout the war, on the frontline as well as in the rear. They will murder someone without a second thought. The brutality makes no stop with Ukrainian POWs or civilians, even children, as we know plenty well.
    This should never be forgotten by those who are on mafia land’s side or who still have compassion for the plight of the average cockroach.

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