Pskov paratrooper admitted that Ukrainian prisoners were ordered to be shot (video)

Violetta Orlova16:07, 07.02.23

Even those who voluntarily surrender are shot.

The Pskov paratrooper admitted that he received an order from the command not to take Ukrainian soldiers prisoner. On a video published online, a Russian soldier captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine told the truth about the atrocities of the occupiers at the front.

During the interview, the paratrooper noted that he had been mobilized. According to him, there are at least four companies of conscripts in the Pskov division. The Ukrainian military clarified with him whether the Pskovites were ordered not to take the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as prisoners. He replied: “Yes, shoot.”

When asked whether even those who go to voluntarily surrender are shot, the military man confirmed: “Even if they go without machine guns and armor.”

It is unknown when the video was recorded. paratrooper spoke about the order of the command to shoot Ukrainian soldiers

Prisoner exchange – topical

It is known that the planned exchange for January 14 was  thwarted by Russia without explanation . Intelligence called  it part of Putin’s IPSO , aimed at undermining public sentiment.

The Russian side is most interested in the return of its own commanders and military personnel. At the same time,  Moscow does not agree  to an “all for all” exchange.

On February 4, another 116 soldiers managed to return home  – the defenders of Mariupol, Kherson partisans, snipers from the Bakhmut direction and our other heroes. 23 warriors are injured , some have lost limbs due to frostbite. 

During the exchange on January 8, the first exchange in 2023, Ukraine managed to return  another 50 soldiers .

According to the Ministry of Reintegration, in 2022 Ukraine managed to return almost 1.6 thousand people from Russian captivity.

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