Occupation authorities of “DNR” boast that mines of Donbas began to produce… water

The mines located in the occupied part of the Donetsk oblast are increasingly stopping coal mining and switching to the drainage mode. This follows from the message of the fake “Ministry of Coal and Energy of the DNR”.

“As of today, 38 enterprises are working in the DNR to pump out mine waters”, – the “ministry” told about a great achievement of the coal industry.

The occupation authorities stated that in 2022, these enterprises pumped out more than 145 million cubic meters of mine water to the surface.

“The figures are not quite modest, especially considering that part of the indicated volume is used for the technological needs of mining enterprises and industrial production enterprises, as well as due to the acute water shortage that arose in 2022 – for the technical needs of the population and heat supply enterprises”, – the “department” noted.

As previously reported, Georgiy Yankov, who calls himself the chairman of the “Makiivka Territorial Committee of the Trade Union of DNR Coal Industry Workers”, reported that three key mines, including those named after Zasyadko and Skochinsky, would be closed in the occupied territories of the oblast due to the lack of money. “They are quite necessary for obtaining coke. And there are no such coals in Russia. The investor has not yet come and the issue of switching them to the drainage mode is being considered”, – the “trade union leader” admitted that instead of coal, the coal industry of the fake “DNR” will be pumping water.

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  1. The cockroaches have an excuse for every failure they produce. Streets with potholes are really streets with water reservoirs. From one surface area, you get two uses.

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