Putin leads the Russian Federation to a complete collapse: the expert predicted Russia’s imminent impoverishment (video)

Katerina Schwartz16:50, 02/06/23

In order to somehow stay afloat, the Russian Federation has already begun to rob state employees.

Russia in the near future is waiting for a complete collapse of the economy, the Kremlin will be forced to devalue the ruble.

Such a forecast was made in the Argument program by Mikhail Krutikhin, a leading economic analyst and specialist in the oil and gas market, noting that even now at least 30% of the revenue part of the Russian budget is due to sanctions “like a cow licked with its tongue.”

In order to somehow stay afloat, the Russian Federation began to rob state employees – from pensioners to Russians involved in the fields of healthcare, science and education, the expert noted:

“The main impact of the sanctions is on the population, not even on the Kremlin’s military efforts.”

Also in the Russian Federation, they actively began to sell what was accumulated “for a rainy day,” Krutikhin added.

“The leadership of Russia, apparently, is determined to continue moving along this path … The budget deficit is colossal, it will need to be covered from somewhere, and there is nowhere to cover it, which means that the national currency needs to be devalued,” the economist predicted.

Economic situation in Russia – news

Earlier it was reported that against the backdrop of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions imposed against the aggressor, the production of cars in Russia in 2022 fell to a historic low .

However, according to Bloomberg,  Russia’s overall industrial production fell by only 0.7% at the end of 2022, war-fueled production helped offset the decline in many sectors of Russian industry.

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  1. Yes, the shithole will eventually collapse. But, it really should accelerate the speed of disintegration.

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