‘It’s Shame To Be Russian’: Depardieu Flees From Russia, Assists AFU

Kremlin shill switches sides:



  1. We all make mistakes, and it is a good thing to recognize when we have. Steven Seagal? Hello? Hello?

    No, I guess he is truly and utterly brain dead and bled dry of any humanity by his orc master.

  2. “I am ashamed to be Russian. It is very painful for me that we are associated with orcs and bandits, fascists and criminals… I transferred the money I made from the sale of my Mordovian flat to help the army. I appeal to the French authorities for support and ask to grant me refugee status,” now says Depardieu.

    Well, after reading this, I will take back every bad thing I ever said about Monsieur Depardieu. I am very glad that he’s come to his senses. And, it pleases me greatly that he’s also donating money to the AFU. I can virtually hear the spitting of poisonous rant in mafia land. That pleases me too.

    • Isn’t he the Frenchman that left his country because of high taxes? Hmmm, I suppose he can be absolved for his greed since he’s donating to the “Good Guys.”. I’d like to hear more about how bad Putintopia is though.

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