Ukrainian military struck with his confession immediately after his release from captivity (video)

Olga Robeyko21:55, 05.02.23

The released captives told about the food in captivity, it was terrible.

Ukrainians discuss a touching video of an exchange of Ukrainian military on February 4. Already in the territory controlled by Ukraine, the military Maxim Kolesnikov, and in the past a Kyiv restaurateur, picks up an apple and admits that he has not seen fresh fruit for months.

As the TSN story says, the released captives say: the food in Russian captivity was terrible. A shell with sprouts soaked in oil, cabbage with water, that is, in fact, animal food, for breakfast, and two potatoes for the evening.

“For the first time in a year I eat fresh fruit! It’s even scary,” says Kolesnikov, who looks very pale.

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  1. No surprises there, seeing that their own meat puppets practically eat garbage and, if they are lucky, rations that are outdated by “only” 5 years.

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