Ukraine’s Minister of Defence may leave his office, Chief of Intelligence considered to head it


Sources state that starting next week, Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov will leave his post, and Kyrylo Budanov, Head of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU), is likely to head the Defence Ministry instead.

Source: Sources in the Ukrainian President’s Office; Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, security agencies; comment by Reznikov

Details: It is noted that the President’s team is currently considering where to transfer Reznikov, because “no one in the President’s Office has any doubt that he should stay in the team.”

As an option, Reznikov is considered to assume the office of the new Minister of Justice. According to Ukrainska Pravda, the current Minister of Justice, Denys Maliuska, may be sent as an ambassador to a European country.

Budanov is most likely to head the Defence Ministry instead. It is known that he is looking for his replacement at the DIU.

“It’s very difficult for Kyrylo to leave the DIU, he doesn’t want to transfer to the Defence Ministry as he realises that it’s a huge bureaucratic machine. However, there is not much time to think about it anymore,” a source in the security agencies explains.

In an interview with Ukrainska Pravda that will be posted soon, the Defence Minister commented on the possibility of his resignation when asked: “is this his last interview in this position”.

Quote from Reznikov: “I have not had any conversations regarding my resignation from this position. I will repeat my answer to other media: ‘Every official should realise that they are not in office for life. They have to begin a stage and finish it’.

So, I am ready for any turn of events. I am not ashamed of what I have done at all. I will definitely have something to show [from the things] I have done. And we’ll see what happens. But every time I talk to Ukrainska Pravda something really happens, it’s an interesting sign.”

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  1. That surprises me. Reznikov has always done a swell job and I hate to see him go. I wonder if such a move during wartime is wise.

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