The media found out what Patriarch Kirill did in the ranks of the KGB in Geneva

Veronika Prokhorenko21:50, 05.02.23

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church launched a real espionage activity during his tenure at the World Council of Churches.

Details have become known about the espionage past of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), Patriarch Kirill, who carried out KGB assignments during his representation at the World Council of Churches.

As stated in the article  SonntagsZeitung , we are talking about the period of the 1970s. The publication refers to declassified archives about the activities of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, which indicate that Kirill was engaged in espionage activities in Geneva. He worked undercover for the KGB. 

It is reported that the patriarch exerted influence on the World Council of Churches in the interests of the SRSR. 

At the same time, the Russian Orthodox Church did not want to comment on such facts about Kirill’s past, and the Russian Embassy in Switzerland called the article “an example of Russophobia.” 

Connection of the Russian Patriarch Kirill with the KGB 

Earlier, former intelligence officer and KGB officer Sergei Zhirnov confirmed that  Kirill was a KGB and FSB agent . He recalled how the patriarch went to represent the ROC MP in Geneva and spent two years there. In his opinion, all the dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad are residencies.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church is one of the richest oligarchs in Russia. Back in the 90s, he made money on the import of tobacco and alcoholic products, for which he was nicknamed the “tobacco metropolitan”.

Now he continues to actively cooperate with the Russian special services and imposes Kremlin propaganda on the Russian society, supporting Moscow in the war against Ukraine. So, recently the head of the Russian Orthodox Church said that the desire to save life is a false value alien to Russia . 

He also said that  any desire to destroy Russia would mean the end of the world , and that “God will not leave the President of the Russian Federation.” 

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