“Mobiki” rebel and refuse to fight, they are returned to the Russian Federation – General Staff

Marta Gichko07:19, 05.02.23

Almost 600 mobilized people were returned to Russia from this direction alone.

Russian “mobiles” refuse to participate in hostilities. After the riots, some of them are returned to the territory of the Russian Federation.

As noted in the morning  summary of the General Staff, so far only from the territory of the Lugansk region have returned to Russia up to 600 mobilized.

“There are cases of refusals to participate in hostilities by mobilized Russian servicemen. As of February 3, up to 600 people of this category have been returned from the Lugansk region to the territory of the Russian Federation,” the report says.VIDEO OF THE DAYplay video

Riots of Russian “mobiks”

Most of those mobilized from Russia understand that their function in Ukraine is to become cannon fodder. Therefore, already a few days at the front, they organize riots and try to return home with all their might.

Recently, “mobiki” from the Novosibirsk region of the Russian Federation were asked to return them home due to the difficult situation in the combat zone. The mobilized said that after arriving at the front, they sit in the trenches for months and just wait for “arrivals”.

Subsequently, it became known that the Russian “mobiles” who fought in the Svatov direction were forced to sign a contract . The command starves them, settled them in the open air and threatens them with criminal cases.

Subsequently, the media reported that a large number of mobilized retreated from their positions at the front on the orders of the commander. Now they want to accuse them of desertion. The invaders wrote a letter to Putin.

Some “mobiles” do not withstand the harsh realities of war, so they run home with weapons. Recently, 8 deserters with machine guns escaped from Svatovo in the Russian Federation .

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  1. “The invaders wrote a letter to Putin.”

    Are they serious? They write to the one demon who started all of this? Who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about their plight, if they live or die?
    Stupidity in mafia land is similar to that in Washington, Paris and Berlin; it’s running rampant.

    • It is an old Soviet thing.
      Worried citizens were also writing letters to Stalin to tell him about what his subordinates were doing to them.

      The idea that they were exactly doing what they were told by Stalin did not came to mind.

      In the intercepted phonecalls on YouTube you also had these mothers that were sending letters to Putin about their sons misfortune.

      • Yeah, and the next time I read about a mob problem, I will immediately set up a letter for the local mobster boss to complain about the behavior of his thugs.
        Humanity seems to get stupider with each new generation. Instead of learning from past mistakes, we repeat them manifold.

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