“Defeat Ukraine”: terrorist Girkin with a sad face admitted the obvious (video)

Violetta Orlova17:09, 05.02.23

The militant said that it would be better for Russia to abandon the idea of ​​launching a new offensive.

Terrorist Igor Girkin-Strelkov  warned the Kremlin against a new full-scale attack on Ukrainian cities. He sadly admitted that the Russian army would not be able to defeat Ukraine.

“We got into another swamp, we stand and it’s not clear what we are waiting for. As in 2014, our government took steps, expected a completely different result from them, and when the result turned out to be sad, they froze and wait. In the fall, steps were taken not to suffer a quick defeat in order to achieve parity in people at the front. As soon as this parity arose, everyone immediately put on the brakes in the hope that everything would somehow come to its senses, “said the despondent Girkin.

At the same time, he noted that Russian propaganda continues to push in that “Ukraine is about to collapse, no new mobilizations will be needed, the transfer of industry to a military footing will not be needed.

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“But this, of course, will not happen. The battlefield is not isolated, the Ukrainian army maneuvers with reserves, the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not counterattack, but if they go on a counterattack, then these are some areas, and ours are always advancing – you have to go out and run to the enemy’s positions” – explained the terrorist.

In addition, he admitted that Russia will not be able to defeat Ukraine, and it is still better for the Kremlin to refuse a new offensive.

“I believe that we will not be able to defeat Ukraine without a new wave of mobilization. If we cannot defeat it, then the front line will remain the same with local operations, or ours can launch a big offensive, the success of which I doubt, and it would be better for this step not to go, because it may turn out even worse,” Girkin admitted the obvious.

https://www.unian.net/player/ead7Q67CTerrorist Girkin-Strelkov warned the Kremlin against a new attack on Ukraine

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