Ukrainian military restores railway tracks in the de-occupied territories (photo)

The State Special Service of Transport repairs and restores railway tracks in the de-occupied territories.

Transmits  the Industrial Portal  with a link to the  Military .

Specialists of a specialized military formation  deal with  railway tracks in the de-occupied territories of the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions.

Before the start of repair work, the railway tracks are carefully inspected by the engineering and mining divisions of the State Special Transport Service.

Photo of the DSST press service

After that, the railwaymen, together with the employees of Ukrzaliznytsia, begin replacing the standard and inserting the destroyed rails.

The tracks are also being straightened, reinforced concrete sleepers destroyed by explosions are being replaced, missing elements are being added, debris piles and earthen embankments are being removed, trenches and pits formed by explosions on the adjacent green area are being filled.

Photo of the DSST press service

All these works are performed only after a second inspection of the territories by specialists of the sapper company. After all, even for the second time, they find explosive objects on the railway and nearby.

And these are not always shells or mines. Near one of the stations, specialists found several gas tanks near the track. The occupiers tried to blow them up.

This caused inconvenience to the workers and delayed the restoration work.

Photo of the DSST press service

Restoration of railway tracks is an important aspect in the restoration of the entire transport infrastructure of the country.

This establishes a logistical connection and returns the population to a normal peaceful life.


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