Ukrainian forces killed 720 Russian soldiers and destroyed 13 vehicles and tankers on 3 February

 4 FEBRUARY 2023

The Ukrainian Armed Forces killed 720 Russian soldiers and destroyed three tanks and 13 vehicles and tankers on Friday, 3 February.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook

Details: Total combat losses of the Russian forces between 24 February 2022 and 4 February 2023 are estimated to be as follows [figures in parentheses represent the latest losses – ed.]:

  • approximately 130,590 (+720) military personnel,
  • 3,218 (+3) tanks,
  • 6,394 (+6) armoured combat vehicles,
  • 2,220 (+5) artillery systems,
  • 460 (+0) multiple-launch rocket systems,
  • 225 (+3) air defence systems,
  • 294 (+0) fixed-wing aircraft,
  • 284 (+0) helicopters,
  • 1,956 (+4) operational-tactical UAVs,
  • 796 (+0) cruise missiles,
  • 18 (+0) ships/boats,
  • 5,081 (+13) vehicles and tankers,
  • 203 (+1) special vehicles and other equipment.

The data is being confirmed.

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  1. Outstanding! We’ve gone beyond 130,000 killed orcs! If the AFU can kill 700+ orcs per day, this would amount to well over 20,000 per month. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and the weapons and ammo flowing.

  2. People reading these should know, I don’t post numbers or footage because I revel in war or violence, but that daily number means that many less russian soldiers whom are raping, torturing, murdering, and robbing Ukrainians and those that love her. Russia and its axis of evil have left those that love Ukraine no choice, but to kill them to stop their maniacal genocide!

    • I never glorified the death of the common soldier before, Bill. But, I’ve seen more than enough evil having been committed by these creatures. I am not ashamed to glorify their deaths now. No one invited them to Ukraine to murder, rape, loot, destroy, kidnap, torture…

      • I hear ya saying it Sir OFP, I understand it is what must be done. I’ve felt neither sorrow nor sympathy for the rashists being ghosted for over 9 + years now. Not how things ought to be if the world was perfect, but it’s how things are when facing murderers, rapists, and terrorist bent on genocide. Life is precious but they care not for life so why should they live.

        • Good point, Bill. Their own top religious leader said just recently that the ruskie doesn’t value human life.

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