Ukraine will receive SAMP / T-Mamba air defense systems capable of intercepting ballistic missiles

Olga Robeyko08:59, 04.02.23

They will allow Ukraine to defend itself against attacks by drones, missiles and Russian aircraft.

France and Italy will supply MAMBA systems in the spring to help Ukraine defend against Russian air attacks. This was announced on Twitter by the head of the French Ministry of Defense Sebatien Lecornu.

“With Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto, we decided to supply Ukraine with SAMP / T-MAMBA air defense systems in the spring of 2023. This system will protect the civilian population and infrastructure from attacks from Russia, as requested by Oleksiy Reznikov,” his message says.

SAMP/T-MAMBA system – what is known about it

MAMBA is the equivalent of the American Patriot system. It was deployed in Romania to protect the extremely strategic region of the port of Constanta.VIDEO OF THE DAYplay video

This system was created by a joint French-Italian consortium, it can track dozens of targets and intercept 10 at the same time. SAMP/T-MAMBA is the only European-made system capable of intercepting ballistic missiles.

One SAM launcher is armed with 8 missiles, which can be fired in one salvo in just 10 seconds. 

Earlier, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that a sufficient number of PATRIOT missile defense systems and SAMP-T complexes will help Ukraine defend itself against ballistic missiles. 

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  1. SAMP/T Mamba appear to be highly formidable giving 8 missiles instead of patriots 4. Also they require less personnel and maintenance. A highly valuable acquisition for the AFU and Ukraine.

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