This week, Russians deployed all forces to surround Bakmut


This week, the Russians deployed all their forces to break through the Ukrainian line of defence and surround Bakhmut, as well as launching an offensive on the Lyman front.

Source: Hanna Maliar, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defence, on Telegram

Quote: “If we conclude and analyse all official summaries from the front this week, we can surmise that:

This week, the Russian occupation forces deployed all their forces to break through our line of defence and surround Bakhmut; and mounted an offensive on the Lyman front.

But thanks to the resilience of our soldiers, the Russians had no success.”

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  1. Lithuania raised over 1,000,000 Euros for radar for Ukraine. Lithuanian IT company Tesonet doubles it to 2 million +.

    • I more convinced then ever that Ukraine would be more secure with an alliance of Eastern European countries plus Britain with similar values then the crap that’s organized now like NATO, UN or the EU. INHO

      • That’s been our perception even before this war started, sir Cap. With members like Germany, Hungary, Turkey, and others, you can’t expect to have a rock solid alliance.

    • Hooray for Portugal. They probably realize that it’s better for their tanks to be fighting in Ukraine now, rather than rust away at home.

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