The flow of Russians to Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Mongolia in 2022 was a record for five years

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Novaya Gazeta Europe

Residents of Russia traveled 24.3 million times outside the country in 2022, Novaya Gazeta Europe reports, citing  data from the Russian FSB.CALCULATION METHODOLOGY

According to the publication, the Russians have broken a five-year record for entry into Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Mongolia. In 2022, Russians traveled to these countries 8.4 million times, 4.7 million more than in 2021.

As Novaya Gazeta Europe points out, most Russians left the country in the third quarter of 2022, when mobilization was announced in Russia. In July-September, 3.5 million people left for the countries adjacent to Russia, and another 2.1 million in October-December.

Departure to Mongolia increased by 989% over the year, to Georgia – by 475%, to Kazakhstan – by 234%, to Tajikistan – by 212%, to Uzbekistan – by 99%.

In addition, the number of flights of Russians to Israel in 2022 doubled and exceeded 100,000. The number of departures of Russians to Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and the United Arab Emirates has also increased.

According to Mediazona , which also analyzed FSB statistics, more Russian citizens left Russia in 2022 than in 2021, when coronavirus restrictions were still in effect, but almost two times less than in a normal year without war and covid.

This growth does not mean that millions of citizens have left the country. Some of those who leave are returning. Some could cross the border several times: leave with the first wave, return to Russia for documents and leave again. Nevertheless, demographers Yulia Florinskaya and Alexey Raksha estimated last year’s wave of emigration at 400,000-800,000 people. Of these, more than 100 thousand remained in Georgia. At least 100,000 more are in Kazakhstan. 50-100 thousand – flew to Serbia. About 40 thousand – to Armenia. Approximately 35 thousand went to Israel, Kyrgyzstan, the European Union.NEW NEWSPAPER EUROPE

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  1. Many, many more have crossed Borders unofficially.

    It isn’t entirely safe in Armenia, there are many Agents who will happily enable the ‘repatriation’ of moskali.
    Likewise it is not too safe to expose yourself as Ukrainian there.

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