How desperate Russian soldiers would rather take their own lives than be Vladimir Putin’s cannon fodder in Ukraine


  1. “Members of Russia’s ethnic-minority communities are not so lucky. They have been deliberately targeted by Putin, not only to swell the ranks but to diminish the likelihood of rebellion in remote regions. After all, many of the young men who oppose his rule will never return home.”

    Putler eugenics in action. The so called RF has long claimed that it contains 80% ethnic Russians. The real figure is much lower. Putler’s foul holocaust in Ukraine is an opportunity for the nazi rulers to cull the ethnic minorities in order to strengthen the putler youth for its next diabolical war of conquest. Abducting young Ukrainians in order to putlerise them is part of the demonic plan.
    There will never be a better time than now to crush this most poisonous, evil nazi regime in history.
    That is why Ukraine must win now and win big.
    Sack Milley and install Gen. Hodges or Gen. Kellogg to head up the US military.

    • Exactly. Milley to me is too much politician and not enough military. He also reminds me of why mafia generals get promoted. It’s not through military skills, but through loyalty.

  2. They should start killing the authorities instead of themselves: They should start a Red Square Maidan. They should organize underground resistance. They should hit the streets in masses. But, no, ruskies think committing suicide is the best answer. Pathetic!

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