Occupiers Shoot Each Other Near Bakhmut

The commanders of the assault groups of the Russian Federation refuse to go on the attack


Invaders kill each other near Bakhmut, Donetsk region. In particular, the commanders are ordering the liquidation of senior assault groups that refuse to go into battle.

According to the “Look for Your Own” Telegram channel, citing the radio interception of the occupiers, in one of the cases, the occupiers were ordered to kill the invader, who refused to lead his group on the offensive and thus force others to obey the order.

“From the commander: tell the Coyote to shoot Ustinov, take his group and go forward to storm,” one occupier told the other via the radio.

In addition, he ordered the radio station to be taken away from the murdered Ustinov and handed over to the one who needed it.

“If he doesn’t shoot him there, and Ustinov somehow gets here, he will be dying a long death. So pass it on,” added the invader.

Another occupant calmly stated that he “accepted” everything and, obviously, went to voice the order to the perpetrator of this murder.


  1. Never make the mistake to think that mafia land has an army. It is a gigantic, heavily armed street gang, who kill each other in a heartbeat. It should be no surprise at all what they are capable of doing to everyone else. Even shit nuggets like Tucker or Schröder would get murdered in the most brutal way if the situation calls for it. Anyone and everyone is a potential victim to these evil creatures. Orcs is an apt ´name for them.

    • Marauding Rashist Orcs. How can you not fear for your loved ones when evil is around? ‘Russophobia’ seems to me to be the description of a survival instinct. It is the Russian themselves who create it.

      People from Sudan and Syria expressed absolute dismay and hatred about Russian evil there to me when we were working together a few years ago. I see now why. The orcs need Ukraine to maraud in Africa and they are driven by death at the hands of their master should they not advance.

      Evil seeks to spread. It can not have veto power on the UN security council to cover it’s tracks and shield it from the sun of justice.

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