How many Ukrainian refugees still remain in Europe: UN data

Yuri Kobzar08:16, 04.02.23

Since February 24, more than 8 million Ukrainians have left for Europe, but many subsequently returned home.

Currently, about 4 million 823 thousand Ukrainian refugees remain in Europe . This is reported by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

It is noted that in January the number of Ukrainians who received official protection (or apply for it) in European countries approached 5 million, but then at the end of the month their number decreased slightly. This happened due to the reduction in the number of official refugees in Germany – by more than 140 thousand people at once.

Now most of the refugees with the status of temporary protection are in Poland – 1 million 563 thousand. Germany is in second place – 881 thousand, in third – the Czech Republic with 485 thousand refugees.

At the same time, the total number of Ukrainian refugees in Europe during the war, including those who had already returned home, amounted to 8 million 46 thousand people.

Ukrainian refugees in Europe – latest news

Poland has updated the re-entry rules for refugees from Ukraine. If a Ukrainian refugee returns to Poland but does not fulfill the specified conditions, he may lose social benefits.

80% of Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania would like to change jobs. 6,800 refugees from Ukraine found work in Vilnius, 2,900 in Kaunas, and 2,600 in Klaipeda.

Slovakia has extended the stay of Ukrainian refugees for a year. As the war in Ukraine continues, Ukrainians who fled from it still need protection.

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  1. The Netherlands has also extended the stay of refugees for another 12 months, until February next year.

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