First Leopard 2 tank from Canada on its way to Ukraine

 4 FEBRUARY 2023

An aircraft with the first Leopard 2 tank on board that Canada is sending to Ukraine has departed from Halifax. 

Source: Anita Anand, Minister of National Defence of Canada, on Twitter

Quote: “Today, a Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft departed Halifax carrying the first Leopard 2 main battle tank that Canada is sending to Ukraine. 

Canada stands with the people of Ukraine – and we’ll continue to provide Ukraine’s Armed Forces with the equipment that they need to win.” 

Previously: On 26 January, Anand announced that Canada will send four Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine in the coming few weeks.

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  1. It’s only one, but it’s the first one of more, and Canada is sending it now and by plane. Maybe others will follow suit?
    Thank you so much, Canada!

  2. Canada might just as well give all of their tanks.
    They only have 20 2A6 in service and 60 really dated 2A4 variants.

    I think for Canada they have very little use, for Ukraine they can be of great importance.

    • I agree, Bert. As a matter of fact, the Europeans should also hand over their tanks to Ukraine. Who do they need them for? Once the war is over, the only potential enemy will lay on the ground in shattered, smoldering ruins.

  3. Thanks Canada.
    Now is the time to stop relying on the United States for your defense as most of the E.U. and begin to fulfill your NATO obligations of 2 percent of GDP.

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