CNN: opponent of aid to Ukraine leaves the US Congress

Olga Robeyko14:10, 04.02.23

The congresswoman is known for her criticism of Ukraine.

Republican Party Representative Victoria Spartz  of Indiana has announced she wants to leave the US Congress. CNN reports that the opponent of military aid to Ukraine will not run for any office in 2024.

That is, Spartz refuses to participate in the fight for the seat, which is occupied by Republican Senator Mike Brown. He is running for governor.

“I’ve won a lot of tough human fights and will work hard to win a few more over the next two years. However, being a working mom is tough and I need to spend more time with my two high school girls so I won’t be running either.” for one position in 2024,” Victoria said.

Spartz’s decision clears the way for Rep. Jim Banks to compete in the Republican Senate primary in Indiana.

What is Victoria Spartz known for?

When Spartz was elected to the House of Representatives in 2020, she became the first Ukrainian-born Member of Congress .

On December 23, 2022, Spartz voted against a spending bill that would provide aid to Ukraine. But the document was still accepted.

In October 2022, Victoria Spartz voted in Congress against allocating an additional $12.3 billion for Ukraine. The congresswoman of Ukrainian origin did not explain her decision.

She also stated that the United States supposedly doubts that American aid reaches the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The White House then answered: after crossing the border, weapons are the property of Ukraine.

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  1. When Spartz was elected to the House of Representatives in 2020, she became the first Ukrainian-born Member of Congress, and voted always against any help and support for Ukraine. Why this FSB-Mitarbeider is not expelled to Ukraine?

  2. CNN…?? are you people stupid posting CNN??? Where was CNN in 2014 when we were invaded in Ukraine.

    She is Ukrainian and was born here in Soviet times. She voted against Omnibus bill not Ukraine. She wanted a separate Bill for Ukraine funding.

    • All kinds of articles and footage are posted from many different sites Sir Bo. Understand you don’t like or prefer some sources, but don’t call people stupid for freely sharing information to debate, discuss, commend, or scrutinize.

  3. Goodbye and good riddance. The United States doesn’t need such filth in its government. Go to mafia land, where filth is highly welcome.

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