Applications to join Ukraine’s new Offensive Guard pour in. Надходять заявки на вступ до нової наступальної гвардії України.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reports that large numbers of Ukrainians are sending in applications to join assault brigades in the Offensive Guard [Hvardiia nastupu, a project of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine that aims to form new assault brigades – ed.].

Source: Kateryna Pavlichenko, Deputy Head of the Minister of Internal Affairs, on national television 

Quote: “The recruitment campaign literally started on Thursday, but I know that many applications and questionnaires are already being submitted. In fact, many calls are being received on the hotline that was set up specifically for the establishment of these brigades. Recruitment is open to both men and women.

First and foremost, they should be motivated people who are ready to liberate the [occupied – ed.] territories. It’s a window of opportunity.”

Details: Pavlichenko said people who have already joined the units have combat experience, including the liberation of territories, motivation, and an understanding of how to serve on the front line. At the same time, Pavlichenko noted that combat experience is not mandatory.

Asked how the candidates will be checked for honesty, she said there is actually a particular algorithm that assigns people to units of the police, the National Guard or the Border Guard Service.

It includes verification by directing queries to a number of institutions and searching certain databases.

У МВС повідомляють, що велика кількість українців надсилає заявки на вступ до десантно-штурмових бригад наступальної гвардії [Гвардія наступу, проект МВС України щодо формування нових десантно-штурмових бригад – ред.] .

Джерело: Катерина Павліченко, заступник голови МВС, на Національному телебаченні

Цитата: «Набір розпочався буквально в четвер, але я знаю, що вже подається багато заяв і анкет. Власне, на гарячу лінію, яка створена спеціально для створення цих бригад, надходить багато дзвінків. Набір відкрито. як чоловікам, так і жінкам.

В першу чергу це мають бути вмотивовані люди, які готові звільнити (окуповані – ред.) території. Це вікно можливостей».

Деталі: Павліченко зазначив, що люди, які вже прийшли в підрозділи, мають бойовий досвід, у тому числі звільнення територій, мотивацію та розуміння того, як служити на передовій. При цьому Павліченко зазначив, що бойовий досвід не є обов’язковим.

Відповідаючи на запитання, як будуть перевіряти кандидатів на чесність, вона сказала, що насправді є певний алгоритм, який розподіляє людей у підрозділи поліції, Нацгвардії чи Прикордонної служби.

Він включає перевірку шляхом направлення запитів до ряду установ і пошуку в певних базах даних.

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  1. Am I advertising this effort? Yes.
    I’m pleased to see this initiative to be a successful one. But, it doesn’t surprise me. Ukraine soon will have many more highly motivated people to turn cockroaches into dog food.

  2. Ukraine needs manpower and lots of it. (I of course include women warriors too).
    There needs to be 1m combat troops with the same number in reserve. Cash-rich outfits like the EU should fund the creation of many battalions of Mercs. They could come from anywhere, but Russian speakers from old SU members would be useful.
    Also Ukraine’s diaspora should be tapped: any with military experience in Canada, the US etc should be asked to volunteer. Their employers should volunteer to hold their jobs open for them when they return.

    • Kind of curious…no military experience? My son applied at the US embassy to go over but was declined for lack of military experience. Hell I was declined because of my age. Perhaps requirements are different for the foreign legion. Anyone echo can offer some advice, I’d be grateful as he still wants to get over there.

      • Ukrainian recruits can be given military training more easily. For foreigners, it’s much more difficult, simply due to the language barrier. It’s also a matter of capacity. Ukraine has numerous willing volunteers, and it simply doesn’t have the capacity to train and equip all of them. In addition, with better communication, the Ukrainians will be better able to choose which field a prospect can be best used in, i.e. infantry, armor, mechanic, medic, communication, and so forth. In general, foreigners should bring the necessary military experience or skills with them.
        In another note, sir cap, the Ukrainians also need mechanics and drivers and many other skillful volunteers. The language barrier in these fields is not so critical as it would be in a combat environment. As we know, the huge influx of multitude of Western material posses a real challenge to keep everything working. And, logistics is also always a critical factor for a modern military force. Of course, there are many other things a volunteer can do to help the country in its epic fight. This is something the Ukrainians – and many around the globe – have excelled in and helped make the AFU a powerful military force.
        Maybe your son could go that route to help, instead of a pure combat one? Maybe he can get his foot in the door this way. Others have done it like this too.

        • Thank you. I’ll encourage him. Hell I used to drive a truck in college, I got experience. Moreover I was a cabbie in New York City. I figure if I can do that in Ukraine and it’ll be really hard for a missile to hit me. Ha ha!!!

      • It honors you and your fine son greatly, sir Cap, that you want to offer your services for the Ukraine military! My hat goes off to both of you!

      • You mean the Ukraine embassy I assume?

        Volunteers with no military experience can still play a crucial role. Those who speak Ukrainian or Russian can work for one of many accredited charities operating inside Ukraine.
        If they don’t have the language skills, they can donate; as I do. I give to British-Ukrainian Aid, which is providing a range of vital services in Mykolaiv and Kherson oblasts. You can set up a monthly payment into their account.
        I also give to a private charity which provides “comfort packs” (ie cigs, chocs, MRE’s, socks, boots etc) to the boys on the front line and also purchases second hand SUV’s for them. These SUV’s burn out every three months, so they need shitloads of them.

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