A substation near Odessa is on fire: the city is de-energized (photo, video)

Yana Stavskaya10:22, 04.02.23

The power supply will be resumed when the specialists of Ukrenergo eliminate the accident.

On the morning of February 4, an accident occurred at one of the key energy infrastructure facilities in the Odessa region . As a result, part of the district and the regional center were left without electricity.

According to the Odessa Regional State Administration on  Facebook , a rescue operation is already underway at the facility: “All the forces and means of the State Emergency Service and other departments have been involved, the power engineers are doing everything possible to restore the supply of electricity.”

Residents are asked to remain calm and understand the temporary inconvenience.

Meanwhile,  footage of the fire was published on the network , allegedly at a local substation, rescue crews have already arrived at the scene of the incident. A thick column of smoke rose from the area.

UPDATED 10:18. Due to an accident at a power facility, all of Odessa is now de-energized, DTEK reports. “Today, the second large-scale accident in a day occurred at the Ukrenergo substation. Therefore, Odessa and part of the Odessa region are temporarily de-energized,” the message says.

The power supply will be resumed when the specialists of Ukrenergo eliminate the accident.

https://www.unian.net/player/ka5Z7gbRFire at the Odessa substation

The situation with the light in Odessa and the region – what is known

Back in December, the Russian occupiers carried out a powerful massive launch of kamikaze drones on the energy infrastructure of the region. Due to the  shortage of electricity , local authorities were even forced to stop electric transport.

After that, officials released a statement that the restoration of the entire energy system of the region could take up to three months .

At the end of January, the enemy repeated the attack with Caliber missiles, as a result, part of the region was left without electricity.

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