A curious, disquieting comment from the FB account of an Irishman named “Thomas Cullen”, commenting at 16.55 on Sat Feb 4, 2023.

He was responding to a post from Euromaidan Press about Portugal sending an unspecified number of Leopards to Ukraine.

EP post :


From reading his FB page, Cullen appears to be a supporter of the putler-friendly IRA-Sinn Fein, although there is nothing in his post to suggest kremtrollery.

That said, it has a chilling sense of realism about it:

“New Russian Offensive (Already begun???) : Will be land, sea and air before the end of February 2023

The West is sending too little too late, thousands of Ukrainians will be slaughtered and Germany and the USA will be to blame for being too slow to supply the force required to remove Russian / Soviet presence from Ukraine. That will be the legacy of this war.

A thousand years of Ukraine / Russian history is about to end for ever. The Russian target is total control of everything East of the Dnipro River. They will consolidate and then move further West to take all of Ukraine.

The major offensive along the whole frontline (weather dependent and lunar illumination), the objective will be to take full control of the Donbas + East of the Dnipro River. There will be two substantial diversionary attacks, most likely the North to threaten Kyiv, supply lines to the East and the South to threaten Odesa / Kerson. Belarus will be drawn in by “false flag” operations against Belarussian forces or territory. “All arms warfare”

n Front with up to 250,000 soldiers to overwhelm the Ukrainian defences when they are exhausted of ammunition.

The Ukrainians should use all the force they have to stop a Russian landing in the South including direct attacks on the Russian Navy with long-range artillery, missiles, and drone.

The Ukrainian Army need an immediate long-range artillery system to hit the supply lines and arms caches of the Russians.

Western forces should send troops into Ukraine to protect the rear and free up more Ukrainians to go to the front lines. Every able bodied man and women will be needed to repel the Russians.

The strategy of the Ukrainians should be to inflict as much damage to the Russian army as they attempt to move forward and once, they are militarily exhausted launch a counter-offensive and they will then run like rats. This is when the Western supply of tanks can be best used when the Russians are going in retreat. Ukraine should not let the Russians retreat as they did in Kerson where they escaped with their forces and equipment.

There is only one solution the elimination of Putinism and a free Ukraine.

This will start with a technological / electronic attack, a mass aerial attack using missiles (250+), drones (250+), and aircraft. The only defence to this is “air defence systems”. The air defence systems in place currently will not be sufficient.

This aerial attack will be in conjunction with massive artillery, mortar, seizure of key river crossings (To protect their flanks and rear) and naval landings in the South. The focus of the attack will be the *Easter.”

*no idea what that means.


A actual kremtroll calling itself “Eric Wilson” replied:

“Thomas Cullen : Ukraine lost the war months ago. Zalushny communicated to the Pentagon last week that the Ukrainian army had 232,000 killed. Stratfor put the number at 305,000 killed. There are at least as many wounded. The west is sending a hundred tanks, most of which won’t get to the battlefield for months whereas Russia has a thousand tanks ready to go today.

The American Abrams that are pledged to Ukraine still need to be BUILT and may not all arrive until next year.

This war is all but over.”


  1. Yesterday, the now famous LinkedIn member Maryna Chekh had this to say about putler’s plans :

    “What will be next?

    What is the Kremlin preparing in “two or three weeks: the goal is the borders of Luhansk region and Donetsk region, possibly Zaporizhzhia.” The north of Ukraine is under question

    I have collected for you the main thing from what the law enforcement agencies and intelligence say about the expected onslaught of Orks: the Russians are not capable of seriously changing the situation at the front, it is just a pathetic attempt to seize the initiative on the eve of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces.

    🫵 Putin is preparing a new rake offensive in February-March.

    👉 “Muscovites will try to really activate in two directions: it can be Donbas, and it can be the South… Given their penchant for symbols, they will try to try something in the area of February 24”, – these are the latest words of Defense Minister Reznikov.

    👉 Putin can still stage a decorative offensive from the territory of the Kursk, Belgorod, and Bryansk regions in order to scatter the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In this case, Sumy and Chernihiv will be under threat. This is the opinion of the Ukrainian military and analysts from the American Institute for the Study of War.

    👉 Politicians assume a large-scale offensive: from President Zelensky to Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki (“Russia wants to surround Ukraine, so a movement from Belarus to the north of Ukraine to surround Kyiv is possible”). But, obviously, this rhetoric is aimed at mobilizing Western politicians.

    🫵 When the Rusna will come: there are two scenarios.

    👉 February 24 has already been mentioned as a symbolic date under the slogan “we can paftarit”.

    👉 When the soil dries. After all, Orkish dances will not pass on wet ground. This was also the case last year, when Putin’s “denazification” was postponed for several weeks.

    🫵 Mordor is not ready to attack, this is his last convulsion.

    👉 Rusnia is forced to simulate a breakthrough, because in 2-4 months the Armed Forces will have an order of magnitude more powerful weapons arsenal. Then the Ukrainian army will be absolutely no match for the orcs. Now the Muscovites have at least a numerical advantage. Reznikov says that the Russian group will number under 500,000 orcs.

    👉 That is why Ukraine and its Western partners are talking about a “large-scale offensive”: although real attempts to break through are expected mainly in the Donbass and Zaporizhzhia regions, they are ready to send their troops to the slaughter anywhere.

    👉 Intercepted Russian conversations indicate a shortage of shells and armor. The Kremlin will use its traditional tactics of littering the fields with corpses to achieve its ephemeral goals.

    👉 Delaying the offensive works for us: every day the Armed Forces are better equipped with weapons. We expect tanks and, despite everything, planes. But about that – another time.”

    Credits Orestocracy

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