Ukraine’s Interior Ministry forming volunteer assault brigades known as Offensive Guard


Ihor Klymenko, Acting Minister of Internal Affairs, has said that the Interior Ministry has begun forming assault brigades known as Offensive Guard to strengthen the Defence Forces and liberate the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Source: Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Quote from Klymenko: “The decision to create assault brigades was made by our employees, who have enough rage to beat the enemy. Many of our servicemen who have defended and are defending our country came up with the initiative to recruit people to such units.

Therefore, it was decided that all those who are willing, who are patriots, and who lost their homes or relatives due to the war should be united in such brigades. We have already started forming units that are aimed at liberating our territories and reaching internationally recognised borders.”

Details: According to Klymenko, the basis of these units will be active police officers, border guards, and national guardsmen.

Quote from Klymenko: “First and foremost, these are people who went through the crucible of 2014-2015, some of whom fought as early as 2022. Some of them are injured. The units will consist exclusively of volunteers.”

Details: A person who wants to join the Offensive Guard can submit an application form on the website, where all the brigades that are being recruited are listed.

Or, they can submit an application through the website of the Administrative Service Centre.

The candidate must pass a military medical commission as well as a psychological and physical test.

Klymenko noted that all soldiers in these brigades will get the benefits that are available for military personnel and police officers.

Quote from Klymenko: “Military personnel can sign a contract or be drafted; this applies to the State Border Service and the National Guard. All benefits and social guarantees are preserved, and we offer a decent salary. We also offer the opportunity to get a profession in educational institutions under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.”

Training of the brigade fighters will last for several months, first individually, then as part of a unit, and when the commander understands that the unit is ready, they will move on to performing combat tasks.

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  1. “Therefore, it was decided that all those who are willing, who are patriots, and who lost their homes or relatives due to the war should be united in such brigades.”

    In other words, anyone who is in a rage. This could be a formidable force! I even know Ukrainian women (zero military training) who are in a rage and desperately want to eliminate cockroaches! Maybe Ukraine will reach the one million mark in its armed forces this way?
    At any rate, while cockroaches are forced to go into battle to die at gunpoint (from the back, of course), the Ukrainians are still getting plenty of people who want to fight!

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