The United States will give Ukraine long-range missiles for HIMARS

Katerina Schwartz19:29, 03.02.23

The new aid package will cost the US $2.2 billion.

The United States announced the provision of a new military aid package to Ukraine totaling $2.2 billion.

This was stated by Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General of the US Air Force Patrick Ryder at a briefing, noting that, in particular, this package will include.

“Today, the US Department of Defense announces that it is providing a new $2.2 billion assistance package to Ukraine. The package includes Javelin anti-tank missiles, artillery ammunition, and conventional and long-range missiles for HIMARS,” he said.

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  1. Does the West need to advertise everything it will send to Ukraine? Why give the enemy time to prepare for these new weapons? It would be much better to give the cockroaches a nasty surprise.

    • True! But, I always have hopes that they don’t advertise everything they sent. I’m sure we don’t know everything. Another hope…

  2. New US aid package February 3 – what will Ukraine get
    ammunition for HIMARS;
    120 mm mortar mines;
    artillery shells of 155 mm caliber;
    181 mine-explosion-proof vehicles with ambush protection (MRAP);
    190 heavy machine guns with thermal imaging sights and appropriate ammunition to combat drones;
    250 Javelin anti-tank missile systems;
    Claymore anti-personnel ammunition;
    2 thousand anti-tank missiles;
    two HAWK anti-aircraft missile launchers;
    explosive ammunition;
    anti-aircraft guns and ammunition.

  3. How Stupid Biden is, besides being a liar….. HE said this today…
    “More than Half the Women in My Administration Are Women” ?????????

    He is a crazy man

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